Skydive Perris Resources

Facilities, Lodging, and Briefing

Welcome to Skydive Perris! We have a fantastic facility with everything you need for your Fresh Meet visit. 


Looking for a place to stay? Here are some great options. Looking for a roommate? Use the Fresh Meet Facebook page to connect to others coming for the event! Connect with the local skydivers on the Skydive Perris Experienced Jumpers Facebook group.

Requirements and Safety

Check out the currency and gear requirements at Skydive Perris. And get a head start on our policies and safety culture. And while you’re at it, take the time to watch Dan BC’s safety briefing!

Perris Resources

Need to contact manifest? The gear store? The school? Here are the important facilities on the dropzone.
Perris Valley Skydiving School

Perris Indoor Skydiving


Gold State Gear

Expanding Horizons Rigging Loft

Bombshelter Bar & Grill

Visiting A New DZ

Perris, not your home? Jumping at a new dropzone is a giant milestone in your jumping career.  Check these resources out to help prepare you for a visit to a new DZ!

Bonus: Rhythm Explains Skydiving Boogies by SDC Rhythm XP

I really like Christy's coaching style, it's a great mix of serious and fun, with the ratio adjusted as needed for each person/team. Great organizational skills to keep all the cats herded, and she is skilled and knowledgeable.

» Christine Deglau – Perris Quattro

Fury Events and Specials:

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