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Paraclete XP 2018 Indoor Skydiving Championships – West Coast Invasion!

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Fury Coaching is excited to be organizing winter tunnel teams for all skill levels!

Winter tunnel training is a great way to keep current and even advance your skills while you are looking for your perfect skydiving team for the 2018 season. You can spend a couple months training with your friends or trying out potential team members, all without the obligation of a full season of jumping.

If you are thinking of attending the 2018 Indoor Skydiving Championships at Paraclete XP, then this is a great way to form a team, lock in a training schedule, and get top-notch coaching.

Not interested in the Paraclete meet, but still looking to brush up or maintain your 4-way skills this winter? If so, then this is a great way to advance your 4-way skills in a structured environment. And besides, we all know tunnel is fun 🙂

Sign your team up for coaching this fall and winter from Christy Frikken. Don’t have a full team? No problem! We can match you with a group that’s the right fit in terms of skills, goals, and budget.


Details – The What

  • Wind tunnel 4-way teams
  • All skill levels, from “what is 4-way?” to “my 18s are faster and closer than yours!”
  • Training blocks available in 4-hr, 8-hr, or 12-hr blocks (custom blocks are also available on request)
  • 3-on-1 player coach option (limited availability)


Details – The Where & When

  • Training will be at the Ontario, San Diego, or Oceanside iFly locations
  • Most camps will 3 days long (Fri./Sat./Sun. or Sat./Sun./Mon.)
  • Week day/night (Mon. – Fri.) times are available and highly encouraged
  • Camps will start in October 2017 and wrap up in February 2018
  • Final schedules will be team-specific to accommodate your availability!



Will this be my permanent team for the entire 2018 season?

  • Not unless you want it to be! This is a great way to combine a short-term goal (a couple months of training) with a practical trial to see if any of your teammates will be a good fit for your 2018 skydiving goals.

Do I have to attend the XP meet in February 2018?

  • Nope! We will have some teams training specifically for the meet, but many are just training to advance their skills over the winter break or try out team members for the 2018 jumping season.



The prices below are based on the current (9/2017) tunnel rates at iFly Ontario and iFly San Diego. At this time, the iFly Oceanside rates are TBD. The tunnel rates could go up—this is our best estimate, and prices could change. You of course would be notified immediately of any changes in tunnel rates. (Prices are for tunnel time and coaching only; costs of attending the Paraclete XP 2018 meet are not included.)

4-hr Block 8-hr Block 12-hr Block
Standard 4-way $5,200 total

($1,300 per person)

$10,400 total

($2,600 per person)

$15,000 total

($3,750 per person)

3-on-1 Player-Coach $5,200 total

($1,733 per person)

$10,400 total

($3,466 per person)

$15,000 total

($5,000 per person)



Questions? Want to sign up?

Email and/or fill out our Google Form


Christy is passionate about coaching & it shows in the excitement from every team that she leads-her love for 4way & 8way is contagious!! She takes the time to CARE about each one of us.

» ShawnaRae – Lightning8

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