No team? How to improve anyway.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Spring rolls around, and much to your dismay, you are still not on a team. Don’t waste your season! Improve your skills and set yourself up for success next time.


Individual tunnel skills

The most obvious thing to do is to improve your flying skills. Many folks on a team neglect their individual skills because all their budget and time are poured into training. Let this be your opportunity to perfect those knee turns and verticals!

Creative teams

Not every team is the classic “100 jumps, 5 hours tunnel, and we do nationals” variety. I have had great success with teams that only do wind tunnel time (easier on schedule, budget, no travel for nationals, etc.). Or maybe you can find other people who love four-way but can’t commit to nationals. Or perhaps you have a group of six that rotates through on weekends they can make it.

There are so many ways to be a team and experience 4way. Don’t be fenced into one rigid idea!

Jump on pick up stuff

Similar to a creative team, grab some friends for pick-up stuff. Not everyone wants a commitment, but maybe they want to score some points now and then. The variety of partners and slots will make you a better jumper in the end!

Save your resources

If you aren’t team training this year, consider putting a bit of money into a fund for the next season. It is no shock that 4-way and 8-way are expensive. If you have a little extra budget the next year, your opportunities may increase!

Meet people

Take the time to meet some more people. Consider attending “fun” events, traveling to big-ways, or just hanging out at the local competitions. Introduce yourself and get your excited person in front of future teammates. Also, you’ll meet cool people, which is nice.

Save the dates

Lastly, if you can reserve Nationals dates as open, you might get lucky. Mishaps strike complete teams mid-season all of the time. Somebody always needs a new teammate for Nationals. Be sharp, be ready, and be available when they ask!


Not having the team you dreamed of sucks. But sharpen that skill set, get creative, and meet more people to be ready for the next opportunity!


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