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Monday, October 5, 2020

A continuity plan is a color-coded guide that suggests how to perform each formation in competition skydiving. If you look closely, there are tons of marks and codes that can help you understand more about the formation and block. You can download a continuity here.

Recommended Positions

If you are Point, you are the red flyer on the Fury or Rhythm Continuity. As you move from formation to formation, you will always be the red figure.


First Frame

This first section represents the first point of the block and is chock full of information.


Block or Random number – this is an abbreviation for each block. It is commonly used instead of the full name.

Keys – The little keys indicate who should key, or signal, to start the block inter. If there are two keys, that means two people work together to communicate the beginning.

Block or Random name – This is the first part of the block name.

Division – A sneaky extra on this continuity is the lines on the left-hand corner. One line indicates it is in A-Class, 2 is AA, and 3 is AAA or open.


Crosshair Reference

The crosshairs indicate the heading the formation builds on. Crosshairs help you visualize the line between the point and the tail, and can help you see how you would make this from a previous point.

For blocks, this crosshair is stationary through the block diagrams. This helps you see each piece’s rotation. This fixed reference can help you understand where you should be flying through the inter.

Middle Frames

The inter requirements for the block are here.  Arrows show set turn directions and how far you should turn.

6-Stardian-InterA copy 6-Stardian-InterB 6-Stardian-InterC 6-Stardian-InterD

The smaller pictures in the middle represent the Fury recommended technique for the block.  They are designed to help you visualize the best way to execute the block. Use them as guideposts to imagine each stage of the move.

Remember that continuity is a suggested technique – there may be other legal options not depicted. If your coach had you turn a different way, it is probably ok. There are several recommended techniques for each of these – your continuity is only suggesting one.

Final Frame

The last section indicates the final point of the block. The end of the block has a name as well as who keys the finish. From start to finish, you should be able to tell which fixed heading you will end on if you do it correctly.

6-StardianBottom_rc copy_1


Hopefully, that helps you extract every bit of information from a continuity plan. Want more detail? Contact Christy and get coaching for an individualized explanation!


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