Rock Solid Wrist Grips

Monday, October 25, 2021

Letting a grip rip from your hand in a skydive gives you that same momentary gasp as dropping a phone into an unwanted body of water. I have an easy iron wrist grip solution.


The obvious stuff: Strength and hand size

Hand strength helps tremendously. Big hands relative to the wrist you are grabbing also helps. You can’t do much about your hand size, but you can improve your grip strength. Look for gizmos that climbers use to increase their hand’s power.


My secret trick bypasses both of these requirements!

Mechanical advantage is the solution! If you have taken an introductory martial arts class, you learned to break free from a wrist grab. The secret is to pull against the gap between the thumb and fingers. This hole is the weakest spot, and you can snap your arm away through it.

We can use the same principle with a wrist grip. The most likely force you will experience is outward –  away from your forearm. Instead of keeping your thumb and finger gap downward, wrap your wrist over so that your palm will feel the pressure. The opening will curl back towards you – an unlikely place for the other person’s arm to go.

Good Grip Better Grip!


You can use this technique anytime you have a wrist grip – 4-way Canadian tees, 8-way Star-Star, a big way wacker, or just your chaotic weekend BFR! The mechanical advantage helps hold on when things get wild.


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