Staying energized longer at a skydiving event

Monday, June 6, 2022

If you are at an event, training camp, or competition, the days might get long. To do your best, you will need to take steps to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. There are strategies to optimize long term, within a training camp, and on a day-to-day basis.

Longer-Term Strategies

Fitness – The more athletic you are, the more energy reserves you will generally have. Also, being fit means you won’t need as much rest in between to recover from jump to jump.

Skydive More -The more experienced you are in general, the more efficient your jumping procedures become. You get less anxious on each skydive and require less energy to do the “stuff around” jumping like gathering your gear, doing gear checks, or preparing skydives.

Canopy and landing – Become an excellent canopy pilot. It will keep you from getting injured, and it will also reduce landing stress. You’ll also be able to control where you land and work easily into the pattern.

Distraction-free – The more you can show up in the morning without worry about the outside world, the more you can focus the jump content. If you have a lot of “real life” going on, permit yourself to let it slide for the day.

Event Strategies

Rest at night – If you are interested in performance, get a good night’s rest. Skydiving parties are a blast but cut out early if you want to do your best. If socializing is a priority, finish early or start later.

Be aware of day three crash – My P3 cohorts observed an interesting phenomenon. Most skydivers jump on a two-day weekend. So when there is an extended event, they feel an energy dip on the third day. Expect this oncoming dip! Strategize your camp to keep your energy more consistent.

Rest days – If you have a long camp, you need a rest day. For four-way, the ideal camp length is usually three or four days before a rest. The more you stretch it, the more your performance will deteriorate. On the other hand, if you take a break mid-camp, you’ll return ready to crush it!

Ebb and flow of types of days – Plan to ebb and flow different styles of days if possible. Different goals and varying intensities can optimize energy peaks and valleys.

Daily Strategies

Water and food – Have a plan to stay hydrated and fed. One less thing to worry about!

A place to hang out and sit – Find yourself a room or a corner where you can chill out in between jumps. Depending on your level of extroversion, socialize the amount that keeps you engaged but not tired.

Steady calls – Long breaks are harder. If you have a choice, stay on stead calls.

Morning prep – Experienced teams may consider creeping in the morning. Front-loading will give you more downtime and allow prep in the AM when you are most energetic.

Efficient between jump cycle – Make your prep super-efficient and consistent. If you are packing, stay focused on the task to avoid rushing later. Preparing like a well-oiled machine will save time for resting, eating, and relaxing.


If you want to do your best and enjoy your events more, plan to manage your energy levels throughout a camp. Long-term strategies, such as fitness and experience, can make it easier to stay invigorated for a long event. As you plan a whole camp, plan rest days and varying intensities to maximize your energy. Finally, think about food and water, a place to hang out, steady calls, and being efficient daily. These strategies will help you do your best and feel better as the days get longer and roll by!

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