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Monday, June 28, 2021

Does your line up in the sky match your line up in the mockup exactly? No? Next time notice these details to create consistent and accurate exit lineups that lead to more launches and fewer funnels.

Position relative to the door frame

When you line up in a mockup, pay special attention to where your body is relative to the door frame. This spacing is critical for recreating your planned exit in the actual door.

You can use the front or back of the door to measure your spot mentally.

If you are outside the plane, you are subject to the wind. Be prepared to push against it so the exit doesn’t move dangerously into the back of the door frame.

Position relative to others

Notice how you are positioned relative to everyone who is exciting with you. Is your leg in front of or behind? How about your hands? Is your head tucked under someone else? Use every reference available.

Foot and hand placement

Along with your general body position, look where you are placing your hands and feet relative to the door frame and other people. Recreating this location precisely produces consistency in the sky.

Exit Order/climb out

Practice who is climbing out when. Notice the order of who sets legs or arms first on the door frame. Rehearse this with gear to make your line up efficient and smooth every single time. Practice on the ground will lead to a more balanced and efficient climb out.


Recreate the details for poised consistent exits every time!



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