Walk this way! How to Walk a Dive

Monday, September 7, 2020

Types of Walkthroughs

There are three different flavors of walkthrough, each with different goals. Learn how to execute the initial, repetitive, and final walkthroughs correctly.

Initial Walkthrough

The initial walkthrough is your first attempt at preparing a dive together. The point is to learn the sequence, brainstorm alternative engineering, and identifying any major issues.

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Learning Sequence

The primary purpose is to learn the flow of the dive. There will be a lot of brain locking, and that is completely ok! You need to allow everyone the opportunity to think things through. If the brain locks are consistent or not going away, step back a few seconds and try visualizing before resuming the prep.


If your continuity allows options, this is also present ideas now. Walking through a few possibilities moves them into a “yes, maybe, or nope” bucket. Things in the “maybe” bucket can proceed to creeping before deciding.

Big Stuff

Identify big issues or flags in the initial walkthrough. Weird move? Not sure which way to turn? Head switch issues? All of that will need special attention on the creepers.

Initial Walkthrough Tips:

  • Start looking at your clone as soon as you can. There is no dive written on your shoes.
  • Identify issues, but don’t sweat the small stuff until you creep it.
  • Don’t drive your teammates nuts by jumping in with corrections.

Repetition (post creep)

After you have crept, you will do another walkthrough if it isn’t gear-up time. The point of this phase is to remind you of the angles you just learned, reinforce the dive flow, and practice all the habits you want to have in the sky.

2016-04-16 10.08.52


You just figured out a bunch of angles, grips, and other details on the ground. This phase is a chance to solidify those important points by executing them in the walkthrough.


You learned the dive in the walkthrough and strengthened it with creeping, but you still could practice the order of the points. In 4way and 8way, anticipation is everything. Moving through the dive with your teammates is a form of visualization that will help you be ready in the sky.

Practice discipline

Want to look across? Cross-reference? Practice keying? Practice not keying? Now is your shot! Bring intention to your walkthroughs so you are practicing all of the great stuff on the ground.


The final walkthrough is the critical prep right before you get on the airplane. It needs to be long enough, maintain great eyes, be together, must have the right energy, be calm, and demonstrate the appropriate strategy. It is critical that this dive feels just like you want your jump to feel. Walk away confident and ready to crush it.


Detect is the acronym I have my teams use to check their final walkthroughs are fantastic. Use it!


Walking a dive well will improve your preparation and your dives. Know the difference between the initial, repetitive, and final walkthroughs by concentrating on each’s unique goals.


Join me for a Fury Lab to work your walking skills!

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