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Your success is our success, so we work hard to ensure all of our clients are progressing and are happy with our services.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and make you a better skydiver.

Below is feedback received from some of our happy clients!


Babs Lindsay – Seattle

Christy is professional, prepared, and oh so much fun to work with.  She’s great at tailoring her coaching to each flyer’s skill level and goals.  I felt challenged but not overwhelmed, and definitely took some strides while working with her in a 3 day intensive.  Basically, she da bomb.

Dan BC – Airspeed
When you break it down to the basics a coach’s job is to recognize the true potential in the teams and individuals they work with and to guide them towards reaching it.  This is so much more than the technical road map.  It is attitude, perspective, self confidence and the non-judgmental pure fun of finding out what you’re capable of doing and learning how to make it happen any time.  I’ve watched Christy develop as a competitor and coach for 17 years and I’ve seen her do this again and again.  There is one risk when working with her.  You’re going to want more, lots more!
Maria Sheets – Snap, Crackle, Pop

Being coached by Christy, Fury Coaching, has been one of the best learning experiences I’ve had. As a Professor and Program Director who has engaged with professional educators, university students, and precollege students for 22 years, this is not a statement I make lightly.  The learning environment Christy creates is a place where you work hard, but have the technical knowledge, instruction, insight, support, coaching, and inspiration needed to excel.  I jumped at the chance to fly on a tunnel project with Christy, but arrived with little technical ability, some experience, and low confidence.  Through our camps, I’ve come to not only love 4-way, but love the challenge of learning how to do it well.  Christy’s coaching offers so much more than simply learning the dive pool–to fly well, one needs to engineer appropriately, walk purposefully, clearly understand the formations, recognize the role each flyer plays, and think. But even more to the point, each person coached receives personal attention to develop their skill, celebrating successes and examining weaknesses.  Christy explains needed detail, corrections, or technical insight with clarity, making certain she has adjusted her message until each person understands what they must do to be successful. She develops thoughtful, brilliant, exercises that are unique and fun, building ability as one works their way through them. Flying with Snap, Crackle, Pop has allowed me to grow in ways I never dreamed possible. While I have a way to go in my quest to become a “good” flyer, I am stronger, more adept, and confident.  Priceless.  If you are serious about improving, understanding, and growing, talk with Christy about coaching!

Tamara Bartlett – Perris Riot
After being on 8way teams coached by Christy for two years (both in Intermediate class and Open class) and doing some one-on-one training, I cannot recommend her coaching more strongly. In individual coaching, Christy has an expert eye for the most important thing to improve in your flying. She is able to distill all her coaching knowledge down to one or two tangible for me to fix which prevents me from feeling overwhelmed. When coaching a team, Christy emphasizes the basics and the repeated success of her teams shows how building from the basics leads to success. Her coaching reminds the individuals to fly as a team, thinking more about what your team and your piece partner need for the formations to be successful. Most importantly, Christy keeps skydiving fun and challenging. After only two years of teams coached by Christy and competitive skydiving, my flying has massively, vastly improved.
Christine Deglau – Perris Quattro
I really like Christy’s coaching style, it’s a great mix of serious and fun, with the ratio adjusted as needed for each person/team. Great organizational skills to keep all the cats herded, and she is skilled and knowledgeable.
She communicates and teaches well, and uses creative methods to teach. She is flexible to adapt to different learning styles, skill levels, body types, etc.
She got me to be more comfortable with stress of competition (red dives, comparing to other teams!), worked on when to hold back and when to push it until it breaks, and helped me to identify distractions in the plane and find methods to deal (farts?? Dive automatically starts chiming in my head!). Of course she taught us mechanics and what to look for, but also about the types of dives, to have an idea of what kind of score to reasonably expect from each type of dive (I really liked the data you compiled!!). That helped us tell if we were on track to meet our goals for average scores.
I felt I had a lot of personal growth with her coaching.
Djordje Mandaric – Seattle Swift

When my team and I decided to elevate our 4-way game and become Nationals contenders earlier this year, we turned to coach Christy and her immense experience; not only did she deliver on her promise of helping us but she did it with a high level of professionalism through her succinct, laser-focused and practical feedback, unprecedented personal touch with her unique humor and hospitality that left us speechless and by always going above and beyond in helping us with logistics; I can’t see any way we would have been able to go (in about 100 jumps) from an 11-point average team to 14.7 point average performance at Nationals without Fury coaching.” – Djordje Mandaric, Seattle Swift – OC

In individual coaching, Christy has an expert eye for the most important thing to improve in your flying. When coaching a team, Christy emphasizes the basics and the repeated success of her teams shows how building from the basics leads to success.

» Tamara Bartlett – Perris Riot
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