SoCal SkyQuest Awards

Score and win!

Performance Awards

Individual(s) with the most points

  • Total amount of points across the season (six events). We drop the lowest score

Best Team Score

  • In a single competition per category (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • One team per division, the highest score in any event

Least Video Busts per Point

  • For the video people, least amount of video busts per point scored across the season


Participation Awards

Gold Star Attendance

  • If you attend 5 out of 6 events, you’ll get a gold star!

First US Nationals Attendance

  • Did someone say “first”? BEER!

Nationals Recognition

  • Acknowledge everyone who competes at US Nationals


Participant Voting 

Best funnel

  • No matter how hard you tried to muscle it, the funnel still won. But it makes for great entertainment!

Funniest brain lock

  • Was the next point supposed to be a D or a B? What position am I flying again? Did I leave the stove on?

Best Geek

  • Whether it’s showcasing your best Blue Steele, a game of rock/paper/scissors, or picking your nose with your tongue. Show that camera some love!

Funniest team name

  • There have been some funny/punny ones over the years. Can you top them?

Best ground photo

  • Take it wherever you want, in whatever post you want. Just keep it safe, please?

You’re Going Viral!

  • You and your team film a funny skit or dance video and upload it to any social media platform. The video with the most likes at the end of the year wins.

Rookie of the year

  • Is this your first year competing in skydiving comps? This category is for you. It’s rookie against rookie, with all of the mentors betting on their favored horse.

Mentor of the year

  • This category is for rookies to vote. Did someone help you excel in your skills above everyone else? Throw their name in the hat!

Committee/Judge Awards

We almost had it award

  • Did your team spend 30 seconds trying to build that one point?

Spirit Fingers

  • Whether your team is singing in the plane, has a secret handshake that no one can figure out, or is just plain full of that team spirit. Vote for who has the most spirited spirit fingers.

Christy's coaching offers so much more than simply learning the dive pool--to fly well, one needs to engineer appropriately, walk purposefully, clearly understand the formations, recognize the role each flyer plays, and think. But even more to the point, each person coached receives personal attention to develop their skill, celebrating successes and examining weaknesses.

» Maria Sheets – Snap, Crackle, Pop
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