Broke Ass 4-way

Cheap Tunnel Scramble

Broke? No moola? Crypto crashing? Lottery ticket a dud? Broke-ass 4-way is for you! If you are an experienced tunnel 4way flyer from A-AAA class, come join this super scramble. You will fly a bunch, meet other people, and have enough gas money to get home.


This is a “tunnel party” event – meaning you’ll fly and mix with many people of varying skill levels. It isn’t coached, but there will be help. You’ll be given a group, recommended slots, and a menu of dives of varying difficulty. Groups will range in skill levels from A class to AAA class.


You must be qualified to do 4way in the tunnel. This means you own an FS suit, have done at least two hours of 4way, and can execute at least the A-class pool without instruction/coaching. If you aren’t sure if you meet these minimums or want to train to this level, contact


Event Venue Date
Broke Ass 4way iFly Oceanside
  • April 23, 2024 7:30 pm
Broke Ass 4way JR iFly Oceanside
  • May 7, 2024 6:00 pm


Questions and Answers

How fast will we fly? You’ll be shuffling around, so bring equipment to fly at an average speed (66-69% @ Oceanside). If you get shuffled to a group that wants something different, go for it.


What slots will we fly? Ranked choice voting will be used to determine slots for each group.


What division will we fly? That is up to each group – a range of dives will be provided. You’ll choose from a menu with all division options.


Will I fly with the same people the whole time? Unlikely. You’ll fly with a group twice, then get a shuffle. It’s like skydiving speed dating, but with less pressure and more high fives.


Am I qualified? You should be able to do 4-way with peers (not coached), so you must know the basic dive pool. If you aren’t sure talk to


How do I get qualified? Christy runs lots of events that can teach you 4-way! Reach out to, and she can help you make a plan.


Is there coaching? Not really, but kinda. You’re welcome to ask Christy as many questions as you like. If she sees you f**king things up, she will say something.


Can I do more than one in a night? Yes, you can fly two rotations if you are only a little broke.


This seems chaotic/I want coaching/I want to fly with Christy. If you want controlled coached 4way with Christy, we can hook you up! But not at Broke-Ass 4way. This is a joyful tunnel party of peers.


Will this make all my 4-way dreams come true? Definitely.


Even the one about getting a slot on Rhythm? For sure.

Christy's coaching offers so much more than simply learning the dive pool--to fly well, one needs to engineer appropriately, walk purposefully, clearly understand the formations, recognize the role each flyer plays, and think. But even more to the point, each person coached receives personal attention to develop their skill, celebrating successes and examining weaknesses.

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