Formation Skydiving Coach the Coach Course with Christy Frikken

Learn to teach the basics of FS with Christy Frikken

Want to learn to teach the basics of formation skydiving and belly flight? Looking to take your organizing to the next level? Join Christy Frikken to shortcut years of coaching experience to become a quality FS mentor!

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Learn to teach and organize basic bodyflight and small group formation skydiving

  • Designed and taught by Christy Frikken
  • A huge reboot of a tried and tested program
  • Classroom now available On-Line or In-Person/Hybrid!
  • Learn the deeper theories behind the basics so you can teach flexibly
  • Learn the best way to convey information to students as they progress
  • Course uses a 50-page text developed exclusively for the course
  • Great development for coaches, AFF instructors, organizers

The course is divided into two parts – an extensive classroom experience and two days of practical skydiving in person. This format gives you confidence and experience applying what you learn, making this something you’ll feel comfortable using.

In the classroom I will share best practice tools and techniques, resources, tips, and tricks to introduce finessed flying techniques to others and organize safe and successful small group skydives. This isn’t a boring lecture – you will teach concepts, prepare jumps, and debrief real skydives! You will get feedback from Christy and peers in a positive environment.

Next students will need to put their skills to the test in person. Several options are available, but in every case future coaches will jump with a mix of real students, experienced skydivers, and other participants. Christy will provide support and positive feedback as you guide real jumps.

Online Option

  • The online version occurs over 10 weeks, has personal video feedback, and includes 9 hours of webinars
  • Mentors are expected to do 2-3 hours per week of homework and preparation activities
  • Future coaches will record their work and receive feedback directly from Christy

Live option

  • The live option includes online study materials and optional participation in live classes
  • The live portion happens over three full course days
  • Your homework (reading, researching) will be done before the course dates
  • Participants will practice delivering content directly in class


If you fall short of these requirements but expect to make them by the end of the practical, contact Christy.

  • USPA C license or equivalent
  • A FS suit (ideally with booties)
  • 100+ FS skydives
  • Minimum one-hour FS tunnel (individual or group)
  • USPA Coach rating or equivalent not required, but reccomended

What will you learn?

Our syllabus follows this:

  • Part 1: How to Coach (Teaching and Learning, Safety, Briefing and Debriefing, Process and Structure)
  • Part 2: Moving Around (Neutral Body Position, Forward and Backward, Exit Basics)
  • Part 3: Getting There and Back (Dealing with Fear and Anxiety, Fall Rate, Approach, Break-off and Tracking)
  • Part 4: Spinning and Sliding (Calming Down, Start-Coast-Stop, Sliding and Turning)
  • Part 5: Grabbing It (Visualizing, Preparing a Skydive, Grips, Two-Way Formations)
  • Part 6: Getting Into Position (Looking and Communicating, Slot Flying, Creeping)
  • Part 7: Evolving Discipline (Stopping and Momentum Control, Keying, Linked Exits)
  • Part 8: Making Jumps! (Designing a Jump, Leading a Jump)


Is this too advanced for me?

If you meet the minimum requirements, you should be good. I don’t expect you to be a flight ninja, but you should have enough experience to know what the basic FS concepts are, even if you can’t execute them perfectly.

Talk to me if you are still concerned or wish you were better. I can help you make a plan to get you feeling ready!

Is this too easy for me?

If you are an FS competitor or very experienced flyer, much of the curriculum will be familiar. However, the target is not just teaching you the content, but about teaching you how to teach it! Even someone experienced in teaching the basics this can benefit from sharing and practicing ways to work with students.

It also has a live component; we can adjust the depth and breadth of these topics. You can also control what you focus on with the homework – pick topics that you struggle teaching or the types of FS coaching you want to target.

If you aren’t sure if it is a fit, contact me, and we can discuss whether this aligns with your goals!

I am not in the US, can I join? Do I have to come to Perris?

Because the classroom portion is on-line, this is a great fit for people overseas. BUT…the jumping part is not optional. If you want to do it, but traveling here is out of the question, we may be able to arrange an alternative practical portion. It would require a local expert that I know to supervise you as you do this part.

Contact me and we can see if we can find a solution.

What kind of homework is there?

For the in-person class, you will have several hours of videos to watch and topics to read about. You’ll know what topics you are assigned to teach in class, so you may want to spend some time preparing those subjects beforehand.

For the online class, you will have 2-3 hours a week of reading, researching, and recording your lessons (beyond the meeting times).

Can I fail the course? What if I miss a class?

After you complete both portions, you will be given a certificate of completion.

* If you miss homework, you must make it up before the end of the class.

* If your homework is not up to standard, I’ll work with you to improve it.

* If you miss one online class, we can come up with an alternative plan. You may have to retake these portions during the next offering if you miss two or more.

* If you miss your practical, you’ll have to reschedule it at a later date.

Has this course been offered before?

This is a grand reboot of the “Mobile Mentor” course developed for the Women’s Skydiving Network. The previous program’s strength was sharing my teaching methods, as well as the confidence-building combination of classroom work and guided application in the sky.

The book is rewritten, the curriculum refined according to feedback, and it is opened to male and female participants. Some great resources, like the student book, are still used.

Can I audit this?

In some cases. Contact me for permission.

Will this make me a wind tunnel coach?

Unfortunately, no. Wind tunnel coaching is a whole different can of worms and takes physical experience with more in depth technical knowledge. Additionally, in the US iFly has banned new external coaches currently with no path forward.

If you are a tunnel-only flyer, the concepts might still be valuable to you. You can’t get the certificate of completion, but you may join the classroom.

Is this for 4-way, big way, or other stuff?

It is designed for small groups of general FS and some basic 4-way. The exercises are designed for two to four students, but if you already have background knowledge, you could focus on bigger stuff.

How is this different than the USPA’s coach’s rating?

First, a coach rating is required here so that you can safely work with low jump number skydivers. This course springboards from that, focusing on formation skydiving. It holds no official weight with any governing body at this stage, but it will make you more competent.

I don’t meet the minimum requirements, but I’m still interested. Can I join?

Perhaps. If you are close to the minimum and expect to be qualified before the end of your practical, you can join contingent on completion. If one of the requirements is impossible for you (foreign country licenses or tunnel-only flyer), I may be able to work with you. Contact me.

  •  October 1, 2024 - January 31, 2025
     4:00 pm

Want to learn to teach the basics of formation skydiving and belly flight? Are you a USPA coach curious about the next step? Looking to take your organizing to the next level? Join Christy Frikken to shortcut years of coaching experience to become a quality FS mentor! Winter Class Dates and Times TBD; sign up (more…)

I really like Christy's coaching style, it's a great mix of serious and fun, with the ratio adjusted as needed for each person/team. Great organizational skills to keep all the cats herded, and she is skilled and knowledgeable.

» Christine Deglau – Perris Quattro
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