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Training Questions

How do I book one on one jumping with Christy?

Contact her! However, be aware that individual jumping is available but often not the best fit for skill improvement. The wind tunnel is a tremendously more time and cost efficient for most flyers. If you aren’t sure if that will fit your needs talk with Christy! She can help design something that best suits your ideal training.

Where are you located?

Our home base is at Skydive Perris, in Perris, CA.

What if we can’t come to you… can you come to us?

Yes, Christy does offer onsite training. Aside from daily coaching fees, travel and accommodation is paid for by client. Please note, there is a $200 fee per travel day.

Do you offer remote coaching?

Yes, we do offer remote coaching. Pricing is based on specific needs. Please contact us with questions.

Travel Questions

Where Should We Stay If Coming To Perris?

There are several options for varying budgets.


The DZ has a clean bunkhouse and the International House of Parachutists for those looking to be on-site accommodation at reasonable rates. The DZ also has the Bombshelter Bar and Grill should you need food onsite.

Local Hotels

Near Perris

Red Lion Inn & Suites

480 S. Redlands Ave.
Perris, CA 92570
Phone 951-943-5577
Fax 951-943-4328
** Ask For Skydiver Discount Rate! **

Near Moreno Valley (13 miles from DZ)

Hampton Inn & Suites Moreno Valley

12611 Memorial Lane
Moreno Valley, Ca. 92553

Skydive Perris Preferred Rate $104 – Standard Rooms with 2 Queen Beds or 1 King Bed

Complimetary amenities include: Hot Buffet Breakfast daily, High Speed Wireless Internet, Parking, Business Center, On-Site Fitness Center, Pool & Jacuzzi and, of course, Hilton Honors points.

Conveniently located within walking distance to reataurants, shopping, movie theaters and entertainment.

For group reservations please contact Jeannie Blue directly at 951-214-4970 or via email:

Ayers Hotel and Spa

12631 Memorial Lane
Moreno Valley, Ca. 92553
Skydive Perris Preferred Rate $89 – Single or Double
Upscale all-suite accommodations, micro, freezer, refrigerator, ipod station, HDTV
Complimentary breakfast, omelet station, waffles, full American breakfast cooked by onsite chefs!
Onsite gym, lounge, walking distance to mall and a variety of restaurants.
Click Here to Book
phone: 951-571-4141
Please Contact Betty Nunez for Group Blocks

Tunnel Questions

How do I book a tunnel session with Christy?

Contact her! Together we can establish a time frame, schedule, budget, and location that works for you. Weekends can get a busy, so booking earlier gives you more options.

How much tunnel time should I do in a session? In a day?

A single session will be 10-15 minutes long per flyer. Each rotation will be between 1.5-2 minutes long.

A flyer can do several sessions in a row. A fit flyer can do up to an hour in a day with moderate exertion. If you aren’t sure sample a session and start slower.

Fury Tunnel Lab

When will I be flying?

Your precise schedule may not be confirmed until a week or two in advance. Plan on being at the tunnel as early as 8:00am or as late as 9:00pm if you are doing 4way. HOWEVER if you have special restrictions, like a flight, I can usually accommodate.


How long will I be at the tunnel?


If you are flying the standard package, you will be doing two rotations. With prep and debrief time you will be at the tunnel about 4 hours. For other packages your time might be split, with a break in the day for bonus time and an evening session for 4ways.


Will I have time to jump?


Once the schedule is released you hypothetically could head to Perris or Elisnore for a jump or two. Both are about an hour away from Ontario. Just don’t tire yourself out too much!

How much time should I fly?

If you don’t have any tunnel experience, 20 minutes in a day is a good start. If you are confident in your physical abilities, you can comfortably add on that extra 30 over three days, or 40 minutes of tunnel. Remember the lab is three days though – you might not be excited for that bonus session on day 3.

If you are experienced, athletic, and fit you can fly up to an hour a day. However we focus a lot on careful and methodical practice, not just bulk with a Tunnel Lab. If you really want to squeeze in the maximum possible amount of flying, contact me to see if we can leave you exhausted.

Fresh Meet

Do I need to attend all the Fresh Meet days?

Not at all! You can attend any number of days with your registration cost. The main event is Saturday, but we have great activities the other days too.

Will I know my team beforehand?

If you sign up as a team, definitely.

If you do not sign up with a team, we usually introduce you to your group a few weeks out. 

However, we may need to delay some assignments or mix things around. It is challenging for us to match groups up by size, experience, and compatibility. We work hard to make it work!

Can I choose my teammates? Mentor?

Yes and yes. As long as your mentor is qualified and comfortable to jump with a go pro, you can choose your mentor. You can also pick your freshling friend.

Can I register if I don’t have my license yet?

Beginning in 2022, we are going to have a ‘tentative’ registration option. You can pre-register and get your tshirt size ordered even if you don’t have a license yet. If you don’t end up getting it in time, we will refund you. If you need help finishing your license, we will point you in the right direction!

What is your cancellation policy?

You can get a full refund up until the Tshirts are ordered. After that, you can get a refund for any events you sign up for but not the registration fee.

Do I have to do the puzzles?

There are some skydiving knowledge questions that are required as part of the game. But the actual “puzzles” on Saturday are fully optional. You can just skydive. We will have multiple categories of winners – including sky skills only, sub-75 jumps, and overall.


What is the weather plan?

Oh no! Weather is a part of our sport, unfortunately. The bright side is we can keep you occupied with alternate games, activities, and mini-teachings from our mentors. It will be a busy day regardless!

Can you help me with a recurrency?

Yes! On Thursday, we have a recurrency forgiveness program, so you can get back in the air safely with reduced cost. If you are not available Thursday, we can put you in touch with our school can arrange a private refresher.

What time to do I need to be there?

On Thursday, Friday, and Sunday the meet time is “soft” and you can come and go as you please. Saturday registration is between 7:00-8:00am with the briefing beginning at 8:01 sharp.

I registered but didn’t get a notification

.Sometimes it gets lost in spam. Contact directly to confirm.

I have more than 150 jumps, can I join?

If you have had your license for under 18 months, you can join! It doesn’t matter how many jumps you have in this case.

I have had my license for many years, can I play?

If you have less than 150 jumps at the start of the event, you can play!

I have 26 skydives and barely a license, should I play?

For sure! It would be great if you got some practice in, but you will be in good hands. Since you have a mentor with you and the group number is small, it is a good way to start your life as a licensed skydiver. We allow for high breakoff altitudes too – so the transition should be comfortable.

Can I show up late on Saturday? Do fun jumps? 

No. The meet starts at 8:01am. You can not do fun jumps before or during the meet. If there is time, you could do jumps after the rounds are completed.

I've watched Christy develop as a competitor and coach for 17 years and I've seen her do this again and again. There is one risk when working with her. You're going to want more, lots more!

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