Perris Fresh Meet

Rocking Rookie FS Event

Have you had your A-License for less than 18 months, or do you have less than 150 jumps? This event is for you!

March 24-27, 2022 at Skydive Perris in Southern California



ATTN: As of 2/7/2022 we are running low on reserved gear rentals at Gold State Gear. We are working on more options, but if you need gear for the event, please go here first.

Freshlings, Register Now! Mentors Apply Here.

Fresh Meet 2022 – Bigger and Better!

Fresh Meet 2022 is going to be bigger and better! Major events include FS competition, Bar Trivia Party, and a Sunday ‘Games Without Borders’ day. This year you can take advantage of four days of load organizers, canopy courses, a mini Fury Lab tunnel camp, and a FREE Coaching tunnel party!

And some amazing news for 2022 – WE HAVE A SPONSOR FOR MENTOR SLOTS! Unlike everything else this year, our PRICE HAS DROPPED from 2021 because of the generous and awesome opportunity.


Main Event – Saturday 3-way Competition

The main event kicks off Saturday with a 3-way competition. Each team is composed of two new jumpers and an experienced mentor. You’ll do four exciting skydives, but the competition won’t be only about the jumps! Points will be earned on the ground as well, with a series of escape room-style games, skill-based activities, and a scavenger hunt spirit.

Want more details? We are still crafting the final particulars for 2022, but you can check out 2021’s rules and divepool to get a head start. You can also find out more by signing up for the Fresh Meet mailing list.


All Access, All Event!

All four days will allow you access Perris’ excellent load organizers staff who can design jumps for your experience level. We are busy brewing fun social experiences like Bombshelter Movie Night and a photo scavenger hunt for all four days. Enjoy access to gear manufacturer tents all weekend long. Everyone gets a goody bag, and if you register in time, a unique event T-shirt!


Games Without Borders – Sunday freestyle fun

On Sunday, join us again for Games without borders for a  go-at-your-own-pace challenge that allows you to pick and choose your activities the whole day. Your jumps can include popular skydives like hula-hoops, tracking jumps, and Mr. Potato head dives. Have fun on the ground by trying on a real wingsuit, hungry hungry hippo creeping, and more!


Mini Fury Tunnel Lab with Christy Frikken

Want to get some professional tunnel coaching? Join Christy Frikken at iFly Ontario for an appetizer-size version of her full tunnel camp. You’ll fly two ten-minute blocks in a 14′ recirculating tunnel and receive full prep and debriefs with Christy. So sharpen those skills up and be ready to rock the meet!


Canopy Course

Everyone wants to improve their canopy skills, and we wanted to provide a fantastic canopy coaching option for your experience at Fresh Meet. The Women’s Skydiving Network is providing us with an amazing canopy coach – Maxine Tate! 

“The Active Pilot” (101): Say hello to Joe Jumper, our fully animated, three dimensional, pilot! Joe, along with Maxine, will introduce the fundamentals of canopy flight to ensure consistent, soft landings. Together, they will ensure you fully understand the correct flare technique and develop the ability to debrief personal performance. The course re-defines flight planning using modern techniques and tools, to give you confidence in your accuracy. About Flight-1 courses
Perris Tunnel Party

Join us right on the DZ at the Perris Tunnel and get some great flying Friday afternoon! You’ll have mentors on hand to fly with you and provide guidance during the hour. If you have prior tunnel experience, you may even be able to join forces with your new team.


2022 Schedule

  • ThursdayOrganized jumps, breakfast with the organizers, add-on tunnel camp with Christy Frikken
  • Friday – Organized jumps, add-on canopy course, water training, tunnel party, Sky-Curious Speed “Dating”, Movie night
  • Saturday – the main event 3-way competition! Awards, Bar Trivia Party night and raffles!
  • SundayGames without Borders go-at-your-own-pace shenanigans

All weekend, meet the gear manufacturers, try some demo gear, get special deals!

Tentative 2022 Schedule

We are in the early planning stages for next year’s event, so keep checking here for the excitement as we finalize our schedule.

  • Thursday/Friday Practice jumps, canopy courses, add-on tunnel camp with Christy Frikken, Bombshelter movie night, water training, photo scavenger hunt
  • Saturday, the main event! You will attend your first 3-way competition! Each team will be composed of 2 beginner jumpers and an experienced mentor; you will make 4 jumps and participate in a huge scavenger hunt throughout the DZ to get your dives and extra bonus points.
  • Saturday evening, stay for the Bar Trivia Party night and win awesome prizes from our sponsors!
  • Sunday, the Games without Borders is a go-at-your-own-pace contest which allows you to pick and choose your activities throughout the whole day. The activities will include jumping games (Mr Potato head jump, Hula Hoop jump…) in addition to short zany ground activities (Creeper races, Hungry Skydiving Hippos…). You will be given a game card at the beginning of the day. Fill it out by attending as many games as possible and earn the Perris Fresh Meet official patch!
  • All weekend, meet the gear manufacturers, try some demo gear, get special deals!


Would love to participate, but have too much experience? Apply to be a mentor!


The Venue:
Skydive Perris
2091 Goetz Rd
Perris, CA 92570


In individual coaching, Christy has an expert eye for the most important thing to improve in your flying. When coaching a team, Christy emphasizes the basics and the repeated success of her teams shows how building from the basics leads to success.

» Tamara Bartlett – Perris Riot

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