Perris Fresh Meet

Rocking Rookie FS Event


Have you had your A-License for less than 18 months, or do you have less than 150 jumps? This event is for you!

March 19-21, 2021 at Skydive Perris in Southern California, join Fresh Meet!

Our meet is designed to give you a targeted goal to train towards, involve you with our experienced local community, and promote knowledge and safety.


  • Friday, get some practice jumps in and take advantage of a free tunnel coaching day.
  • Saturday, the main event! You will attend your first 3-way competition! Each team will be composed of 2 beginner jumpers and an experienced mentor; you will make 4 jumps and participate in a huge scavenger hunt throughout the DZ to get your dives and extra bonus points.
  • Saturday evening, stay for the Bar Trivia Party night and win awesome prizes from our sponsors!
  • Sunday, the Games without Borders is a go-at-your-own-pace contest which allows you to pick and choose your activities throughout the whole day. The activities will include jumping games (Mr Potato head jump, Hula Hoop jump…) in addition to short zany ground activities (Creeper races, Hungry Skydiving Hippos…). You will be given a game card at the beginning of the day. Fill it out by attending as many games as possible and earn the Perris Fresh Meet official patch!

All weekend, meet the gear manufacturers, try some demo gear, get special deals!

Cost is $TBD for registration, which includes your First Goodie Bag (full of Swag from our Sponsors) and your Fresh Meet T-shirt, and an additional $TBD for your jumps on the competition day (Saturday). You will pay manifest directly for your jumps on Friday and/or Sunday ($TBD/jump). Tunnel time on Friday is $TBD/10 minutes, free coaching.

You can register as an individual or as a team. If you register as an individual, we will match you with a mentor and another Freshling. If you have a team, just specify who your teammates are in the registration form.


DivePool for Saturday Competition is available now!



Would love to participate, but have too much experience?

Register as a mentor or a volunteer Now!


The Venue:
Skydive Perris
2091 Goetz Rd
Perris, CA 92570


SDC Rhythm at perris (2)

In individual coaching, Christy has an expert eye for the most important thing to improve in your flying. When coaching a team, Christy emphasizes the basics and the repeated success of her teams shows how building from the basics leads to success.

» Tamara Bartlett – Perris Riot

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