Perris Fresh Meet

Rocking Rookie FS Event


A-License for less than 18 months, or less than 150 jumps? This event is for you!

Our event is designed to give you a targeted goal to train towards, involve you with our experienced local community, and promote knowledge and safety. Events include FS competition and a Sunday Games without Borders.

Returning for 2020 is FREE tunnel coaching on Friday afternoon and a Bar Trivia style party on Saturday evening.

The main event (Saturday) – 3-WAY COMPETITION: each team would be composed of 2 new jumpers and an experienced mentor. 4 jumps, but the competition won’t be only about the jumps! Points will be earned on the ground as well, with a series of games in the scavenger hunt spirit.

The Sunday Decathalon is a go-at-your-own-pace contest which allows you to pick and choose your activities throughout the whole day. The activities will include jumping games in addition to short zany ground activities.


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Not only did she deliver on her promise of helping us but she did it with a high level of professionalism through her succinct, laser-focused and practical feedback, unprecedented personal touch with her unique humor and hospitality that left us speechless and by always going above and beyond in helping us with logistics! - Djordje Mandaric, Seattle Swift - OC

» Djordje Mandaric – Seattle Swift

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