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Competitive Rates to Fit Your Budget

Fury Coaching offers structured, skills development programs for individuals and 4-way and 8-way teams at competitive skydive coaching prices. Packages are designed for tunnel flying, skydiving and remote coaching.

Christy Frikken is available to come to your DZ and work with your team exclusively. Please view our pricing structure below.

Should you have any questions, please contact us!


4-way/8-way Coaching

Ground Coaching $400 per day per team
Jumping Coaching $450 per day per team

Remote Coaching / Video Debrief

Per Jump $20

Video Debrief

If you can’t get to Christy or scheduling is not possible, remote coaching may be an option. Share your videos and Christy will return a video describing possible improvements. Check out an example video here.


Flight, accommodation, and transportation – covered

  • I book my own travel and make effort to choose an economic flight within my scheduling restrictions

Travel days – $200 per travel day

Tunnel Coaching

15-minute block $100
Per tunnel hour $400

Tunnel pricing purchased through Fury Coaching

iFly Ontario $600 per hour
Perris Indoor Skydiving $600
iFly San Diego/iFly Oceanside $750

I've watched Christy develop as a competitor and coach for 17 years and I've seen her do this again and again. There is one risk when working with her. You're going to want more, lots more!

» Dan BC – Airspeed

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