No touching! Flashing in formation skydiving.

Monday, November 29, 2021

Luckily I’m not talking about the flashing that gets you arrested in a park. In competition 4way, you have to show separation between every point, and the technique to help is flashing.


A perceived problem is a problem

All of the flyers in 4way and 8way must release and completely separate before making the next point. When you have the same grip from point to point, you can not hold on. The whole team must release at the same time to avoid a penalty.

More challenging still is that only letting go isn’t enough. Video is 2d – from above. If you keep your hand over the grip and regrip, it looks like it is still touching. You aren’t presenting separation to judges, and they will mark it as a bust.


Hands Away

The solution is to exaggerate and show your hands away from limbs between points to leave no room for doubt. To execute a flash, sweep your hands away into clear space briefly before regripping.


Bonus: Togetherness

As a bonus, this exaggerated on and off motion builds synchronicity, which creates togetherness. Togetherness leads to speed.



Out flash

Flash your hand(s) away and out. Great for a cat to cat grip.

In flash

Sometimes you are surrounded by limbs (inside center, I feel you). Flashing your hands outward would run into someone or look like a different grip. The solution is to pull your hands inward and away from grips.

Side flash

A litle bit out, a little bit in. you can get your hands out and away from the formation by moving to the side.

Whatever it takes flash

You need to get snap your hands away like you are allergic to the previous grip. To do this, you can stuff them on your head, to your side, or any other funny angle that shows you are clear. Do what you must!



With practice, flashing becomes second nature and helps you keep all of those hard-earned points! So look for separation in your training to build this habit now!


Flashing more one of your goals? Join a Fury Lab and make it happen.


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