Art AI Generator DALL-E is really bad a skydiving

Monday, September 12, 2022

I got access to Dall-E-2, an AI art generator that generates images based on text captions. I have been enjoying making all kinds of crazy and awesome phrases and looking through the impressive results.

However, Dall-E-2 doesn’t do well with skydiving. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite fails with you.

Skydivers On The Ground

These aren’t the worst of the lot, for sure. If you don’t look from very far away, maybe they could pass?

“Skydivers on the Ground”

“Skydivers on the Ground”

“Skydivers standing in a line”

“Packing a parachute”


Skydiving Gear

It has become clear to me that DALL-E doubles down on the “diving” part of skydiving.

“Skydiver boarding a plane”

“A skydiving student”

“skydiving rig”

“A skydiving student”



Skydivers have a lot of limbs apparently. The closest I have gotten to formations is “skydivers holding hands”.

“Skydivers in Freefall”

“Rhythm Skydiving”

“Skydivers holding hands”

“formation skydiving”



Photos under canopy might pass if you have never seen an actual canopy. Or a human being.

“skydiver landing”

“skydiver in a line”

“a swamp filled with alligators and skydivers landing in the background”

“parachutes flying in formation”



My deepest most sincere apology to my wingsuit friends for the prompt. I could not help it.

“formation skydivers”

“a skydiver in a squirrel suit”

“tandem skydiving”

“canopy relative work”



I enjoy the artistic ones.

“salvador dali painting of a skydver”

“stained glass window of a skydiver”

“impressionist painting of skydivers holding hands”

“sculpture of a skydiver sitting down like the thinker”


Cartoon animals

So the photo realistic ones aren’t working out, but the cartoon skydiving animals are bringing me intense amounts of joy. I can’t stop making adorable animals in skydiving gear.


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