How to start doing big ways

Monday, January 25, 2021

Dan BC leads the handshake in the skyvan at P3 big way event

Want to start on the big way journey but not sure where to begin? This guide will walk you through the skills you need and how to get on the “list.”

Up your skillset

Before you start applying to big ways, consider what skills will help you be successful once you find an event. Not only will this prepare you to do more complex, bigger, and unique events, it will reduce the stress of your first event so you can have more fun.

Get on the list. Any list!

If you don’t know anyone it can feel hard to get your foot in the door. Here are some strategies to get you introduced to the right circles.

Lining up for a bigway exit from a skyvan

Small-ish group stuff

You probably won’t get on a 100-way for your first event. Look for small to mid-size events you can join. Join something, even if you only find a 4-way camp! Small stuff improves your discipline, familiarizes local coaches with your current skill level, and gives you video to submit.

If you can travel to a giant dropzone like Perris, there are mid-size jumps available every weekend with top-notch organizers. Hopping on that 9-way and practicing diving is an excellent place to start!

Bonus super secret: The top big way flyers almost always have a 4-way or 8way competition background. Doing small group stuff makes you great!

Starter events

In the big way scene, there are fancy prestige events like the P3 Power Play and AZ Challenge. There are large state, national, and international record attempts. Both of these have performance expectations and consequences for failing. The participants are expected to know the terminology and techniques upon arrival. If you do not, you might be asked to sit down. These are not great places to learn!

Instead, look for a teaching event. These camps are often no judgment zones – meaning you are encouraged to make mistakes. If you meet the entry requirements and avoid major safety transgressions, you have the chance to mess up without fear of being cut.

These events will also discuss the terms and methods in detail. They will teach you everything you need to do even-bigger-ways!

Approach Your Friendly Local Coach

Is there someone on your dropzone who organizes the local sunset jump? A natural leader who gets groups of experienced people together regularly? Even if you aren’t ready to join their jumps, ask them what you need to work on to proceed. Hopefully, they can provide some constructive tips!

When you are ready, ask them for advice on what events to attend. If they are big way enthusiasts, they likely know big way organizers well enough to give you a needed recommendation.

Two plane formation skydive at P3 biway camp

List of Events

Here are a couple of links to get your started. I strongly recommend the P3 Big Way Camp. It is designed to teach you everything you need to know get the party going!

P3 Skydiving

Perris Organizers

Rhythm Skydiving


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