Build a Beer and BBQ 4-way Team

Monday, December 13, 2021

Want to try a team but do not want to go crazy intense? More interested in a team that prioritizes Beer and BBQ after jumping over black jumpsuits and 6 am creeping? Make a casual team!

Shared goals

First, a team is foremost a group with shared goals. Look for people who want the same vibe, mode, and style of training. If socializing is your priority, pick people you want to hang out with! Just make sure they understand and enjoy the same level of intensity.

Rotate members

Your 4way team can have four or more members! If scheduling is a nightmare, make a roster of a few spares. Rotate through who attends what weekends and share the joy.


Define the perfect training day

Talk together about how you want your training day to be. For example, if you want to meet late, do six jumps, and then have BBQ one Saturday a month – define that. Or maybe you want to do ten jumps in a row without creeping, stopping by 2:00 pm in the summer. Define your ideal together!

Plan the socializing

I think my number one definition of a BBQ and Beer team is to bake socializing into the plan. All teams should do some of this, but make it a priority if casual is your primary vibe. How does after jumping look? Do you want to meet on other days to go rock climbing or do escape rooms?

Slower pace

You don’t have to do back-to-backs to be a team (though damn, I love em’!). Do 20-minute calls. Or 40s. Or hours and pack for yourself. Go at a slower pace if you prefer.


Coaching Keeps It Easier

I apologize that this sounds self-promotional, but it rings true. Counterintuitively, casual teams can benefit tons from coaching.

The role of a coach is to be the trusted source of truth. You do not have to stare at the dive pool, wondering how to do the technical aspects of each block. A coach can end the debate if you think your team might get into shouting matches over who is messing up your block 7. In short, coaches reduce team stress.

Additionally, most coaches can help you with manifest, packing, and video logistics, thus reducing your workload.

Compete local

You do not have to go to a big meet far away to be a team. Stay local! Almost everywhere has regional meets available. They are usually much more relaxed with the rules, allowing lots of flexibility too.


Try non-competition jumps

Finally, I love 4way and 8way (obviously). But you do not have to do the dive pool all the time either. Instead, you can do creative, wild, and wacky stuff in a small group format. Much of the same benefits apply and are a terrific outlet for your creativity.


You don’t have to get “serious” to have a great time doing 4-way with friends. So loosen up the “rules,” define a team your way, and get a relaxed vibe with a Beer and BBQ team!


Want me to tell you who is messing up block 7? Send me your videos, and I can coach you virtually.

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Not only did she deliver on her promise of helping us but she did it with a high level of professionalism through her succinct, laser-focused and practical feedback, unprecedented personal touch with her unique humor and hospitality that left us speechless and by always going above and beyond in helping us with logistics! - Djordje Mandaric, Seattle Swift - OC

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