Creeping: Angles vs. Rolling Through

Monday, January 11, 2021

There are two common strategies when it comes to creeping. Do you practice each angle three times? Or just flow through the whole thing? Is one better?

Two Solid Options

Creeping angles involves moving from each point back and forth a set number of times (usually three) as you work your way through the entire sequence. After the angles have been set, the team will ‘roll’ the whole dive. The second method is to start by rolling through the entire skydive in order right away.

Not only do I have excellent teams adopting each of these strategies, but I have also been on a professional level team that does each. Perris Fury used angle; Rhythm would roll through. Both can be effective in adequately preparing a dive.

Coaching and Newer Teams

My preference for the teams I coach is for them to use angles. That way if there is an issue, I don’t have to wait for the entire sequence, or page, to come back around before I interject my comments. It also fits nicely into a whole-part-whole instruction theory. (Walk it through= whole, angle it = parts, creep all of it = whole).

Christy Frikken coaches Perris Dauntless

Shorter and More Fluid

Angling conflicts with my personal preference when I am preparing a dive. If I am with experienced people, I prefer just to roll the whole thing. Once a team gets to the stage that the angles are right more than 90% of the time, angling can be time-consuming. Plus, as a flyer progresses, the awareness of movement becomes less about every single angle and more about how the whole jump can blend. It is easier for me to see the blend when I am not chopping it into bits.


So that is my non-answer. Do whichever the team likes because both work great. If you still aren’t sure what to pick, you should probably be doing angles!


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